The Crypto Space / A new dimension of Constitutional Law in the era of Digital Transformation

por | Nov 11, 2022 | Actualidad

Nowadays, it is not unusual to read references about Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, cloud storage and cloud computing, singularity, crypto assets, and many other super techs like expressions, and what to say about the famous Bitcoin and with it, the even more famous but less understood Blockchain. 

But what do Crypto Space, Digital Transformation Bitcoin, and Blockchain have to do with Constitutional Law?

In this panel, the author will present how essential Constitutional Law institutions such Check and Balances, Constitutional Justice and Jurisdiction, Judicial Review, Fundamental Rights, and others need to be rethought considering the challenges brought by the phenomenon of Digital Transformation and the so-called Fourth Industrial Révolution.

Digital Transformation is more than the mere adoption of technology to improve already existing processes but a profound and substantial change in constitutional legal thinking where notions such are sovereignty and jurisdiction, civil society, political participation, and constitutional rights like privacy, property, and freedom of expression among others could result límited or enhanced depending on how constitutional legal culture understand the phenomenon.

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